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2021 Benchmark: APAC Regional Spotlight

This posts provides an executive summary of the 2021 Global Benchmark Report for businesses operating in the APAC region.

September 14, 2021
Ko Hui Yen, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of APAC at HireRight

APAC has experienced substantial volatility since early 2020. The ongoing fight against the pandemic has fundamentally changed business operations in the region including employee hiring and verification, as well as enabling and supporting remote workforces. Yet we already see broad-based progress across various sectors as businesses prepare for economies to reopen.

Recovery is happening in many forms across APAC. HireRight’s 2021 Global Benchmark Report shows a direct correlation between the industries that were most resilient during 2020 and those now experiencing the strongest rebound. One of the most vigorous recoveries is not surprisingly the technology sector, which weathered the disruption by being flexible and adapted to the changing conditions.

This industry rebound accompanies a rise in hiring and business sentiments across Australia, Singapore, the Philippines, Japan, and China, with a general optimism as businesses ready themselves for the return to a more normal pace.

Today, new hiring trends continue to emerge as businesses adapt to the new “COVID normal.” LinkedIn has been the most used social channel for recruitment; however, more channels will likely soon be added as employers seek to reach quality remote candidates. In fact, social media is expected to be a top recruitment channel for 2021, along with referrals and online job boards.

Reaching quality candidates is just one of the challenges caused by the rise of the remote workforce. Over half of the businesses we surveyed plan to be more accommodating to remote working and expect between a quarter to a half of their workforce to be working remotely in some capacity in January 2022, up to double the number from January 2020.

On behalf of the APAC team, as we continue to help our communities and partners through this time of change, I hope that the 2021 Global Benchmark Report provides you with the insights and information to help develop your talent pipeline in the year ahead.

You can read an executive summary of the report’s key findings for businesses in APAC below:

Infographic 2021 Global Benchmark APAC

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Release Date: September 14, 2021