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2021 Benchmark: India Regional Spotlight

This post provides an executive summary of HireRight's 2021 Global Benchmark Report for businesses in India.

September 20, 2021
Marcellus Solomon, General Manager, India at HireRight

The past 18 months have delivered many highs and many humbling experiences due to the pandemic. COVID-19 has disrupted life everywhere, especially so in India. Yet, over the past year and a half, businesses have started to adjust to the current environment and return to productivity.

As businesses start to normalize their operations, flexibility has emerged as the key to successful operations. The trend in flexibility reaches across hiring, onboarding. and training.

Our 2021 Global Benchmark Report sheds light on how businesses are also adapting their recruitment strategies to our new normal. While many businesses stopped recruitment altogether for a part of 2020, we see definite hiring improvements in sectors like technology, banking, and healthcare, which were quick to adapt to the changing market demands.

The most significant change in the structure of recruitment has been in remote working permanent hires. In twelve months, this increased to 45% of businesses commencing remote hiring and 49% providing formal training in remote working practices for new employees. This shift alone is a significant adjustment for businesses, who naturally turn to technology to enhance the hiring process.

Finding creative solutions to employment screening is part of this evolving business landscape. We have adapted in the way we approach address verifications in India, by adding a platform feature that tracks and reinitiates COVID-impacted cases at a later date when safe. Our goal is to help our customers manage the ever-changing situation with ease.

India is also host to many large business hubs with increasingly large workforces. As business continues to pick up in developed countries, more projects are moving into India seeking back-end support functions and tech-skilled resources. This migration has created a sharp increase in hiring across our portfolio customers.

From enabling work-from-home situations to remote onboarding, hiring, and interviewing, companies are embracing new ways to manage their business requirements. On behalf of the India team, I would like to say a big thank-you to those HR and business leaders who participated in this year’s Benchmark Survey. I know you will find valuable insights and information in this report to help you and your business.

You can read an executive summary of the report’s key findings for businesses in India below:

Infographic 2021 Global-Benchmark INDIA

Want to learn more about the screening, talent acquisition, and talent management trends from the last year? Discover more of the findings from over 3,000 HR and risk professionals worldwide by downloading our 2021 Global Benchmark Report.

Release Date: September 20, 2021