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Identity Services

Why Order Identity Information Checks and Employment Eligibility Services?

Why Choose HireRight for Identity Information and Employment Eligibility Services?

  • Global ID Check: Validates all international passports and more than 115 national identity documents, with results available within one day for all passports and national identity documents with Machine Readable Zones.

  • Social Security Number Checks: Helps you meet a variety of screening requirements with multiple options for validating U.S. identity.

  • I-9 Solution: Our easy, efficient online solution helps you support your compliance with U.S. employment eligibility verification requirements.

  • Global Right to Work Documentation: Supports your Right to Work assessments by confirming key information on a candidate’s right to work documents around the world.

  • UK Right to Work: Supports your efforts to comply with UK Right to Work regulations and helps you streamline UK Right to Work processes and minimize risk.